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I've wanted to start a Patreon for a long time but things always held be back. Thoughts like, "Who would want to pay to hear from me?" or "What do I have to offer?". For a long time those thoughts won out, but no longer. 

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a subscription service that allows creators to get paid to create! Subscribing means you gain benefits from the artist in exchange for your support.

I started one so that I could give back from the years of ghostwriting and being part of the publishing industry in several different ways.

If you choose to support me, depending on the tier, you'll gain access to ALL my bookish news (even before my newsletter subscribers), special blog posts, video posts, ebook, paperbacks, and more. But the best part is you can choose what level works best for you.

Check out my Patreon tiers page so you can find out more and, as always, contact me with any questions.

Current Serial Fiction: Dragons in Space

A teen boy enters a competition to win the heart of a dragon in the void of space but finds himself joining a motley crew to journey across the galaxy to save his planet.