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A podcast about making the most of your writing time and honing your craft. Whether you’re a seasoned author or a new writer, this podcast offers helpful tips to maximize your writing time, increase your writing productivity, and tackle the sometimes-tough aspects of the writer-life. 

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The Story

It started as a dream over a year ago. I kept thinking...I want to talk more about writing and productivity because it's something I'm passionate about and I get a lot of questions about how I do "so many things".
But I already had a podcast (ETBP).
So I let the urge pass and focused in on ETBP with my co-host Christen. The great thing about Christen is that she is such  a supporter. You dream something up? She's going to cheerlead you into doing it. And that's something I've noticed about her with my P&P idea. She's championed it from the start.
Then 2024 arrived and I made the decision: I'm starting Productivity and Prose and there's no going back.

I am an avid fan of podcasts (though you'll most often find me listening to Crime Junky or the Dateline podcast *hehe*) and decided to take a different approach to P&P. While there will be occasional guests and I will offer writing updates sparingly, I want Productivity and Prose to be focused on educational posts for writers at any stage.

No, I'm not an expert, but I believe in offering things that help others. I want P&P to offer advice about being a productive writer but also to be the voice of the honest fears we face as writers, how I handle imposter syndrome, what it looks like to decide between indie and traditional publishing, and so many more questions. 

If this sounds like something you'd enjoy - check out Productivity & Prose where you get your podcasts.